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A Constant Bond:

Wedlock circles back to the Port City

By: Kayla Faulk - January 21st, 2009

Juggling Gypsy Café
January 24th • Free

CONTINUITY IS THOUGHT OF AN AN UNINTERRUPED CONNECTION OR UNION. When obstacles arise that bond remains resilient. When it comes to bands, oftentimes those obstacles become too much to withstand, and the band becomes a distant memory. However, the Chapel Hill trio Wedlock has proved just how resilient they can be.

The electronic pop-and-alternative dance group has faced several band-member changes since their first album, Matrimony, was released in August 2006. Three drummers, one bassist and one keyboardist later, the band now consists of vocalist Paul Allgood, Baxter Smith on keyboards, and Lee Whitsel on bass.

Allgood says the greatest challenge has been “keeping the band together and on the same page.” This team of musicians has shown that they are all reading from the same page by working hard to release more music. In April 2008 the nine track album Exogamy was released by Kounterfeit Records. The current members of Wedlock are also a quarter of the way done with a new record with a working title of Continuity.

As I’m sure readers have noticed, the band’s name and their album titles are all related to marriage, and this is not just a coincidence. The theme exists because of strong beliefs held about the power of marriage and the equal rights they believe society should have to it. In an interview with encore, Allgood explained that the name Wedlock was chosen after the 2004 attempt President George W. Bush made to ban gay marriages in the United States. With strong conviction Allgood asserts, “Same-sex marriage is the same as heterosexual marriage.”

Allgood explained that the name Wedlock was chosen after the 2004 attempt President George W. Bush made to ban gay marriages in the United States.

While the work-in-progress album Continuity does not have as obvious a correlation to the theme of marriage as the other two titles, it is still very much related. Remember that continuity is an uninterrupted connection—and how can a marriage really be successful without it, whether that connection is accepted by the law or not?

In the future Wedlock hopes to gain more exposure by performing in shows across the country and worldwide. In order to do so, they hope to acquire a larger distributor to put their newest album into circulation. Until they accomplish their dreams of going worldwide with their music, they will continue to gain exposure in small- to medium-sized venues, specifically in the North Carolina area. Of cities they have played in so far, the band has felt a warm welcome from the Port City.

“Wilmington has been the most receptive,” Allgood commented. “People here are really laid back and friendly.” Wedlock has recently placed CDs in local stores Gravity Records, CD Alley. There is also information about how to purchase their CDs on their Web site,

This energetic group has continued to put out great music even through the obstacles they have faced along the way. They pride themselves on having lyrics that come from their own opinions and stances. While some may consider certain topics controversial, Wedlock doesn’t hold back. “I’m pretty politically minded in the way I write things,” Allgood said.

No matter what hurdle they may face, this group will continue to make their way across North Carolina, keeping in mind their dream just short of world domination. As Allgood said, “We are happy to keep doing this. Our end of the bargain is to keep playing music and putting out records.”

Come check out Wedlock at Juggling Gypsy on January 24th at 10pm with another showing at midnight. They will also make an appearance in the Port City when they perform at Bottega Gallery on March 7th at 9pm. Both shows are free and open to the public. For more information on the band or to hear samples of their sound, visit


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