^. .-5>H^







% * «*m» Euclid *iinlQg. hIot -,

.^^ * ^^1^^ 711 Eas!St22«^ef^ .*}mf , "^ Euclid, Ohio 44123 i



g**^ "*!

^ ^ T ^J


The birth of a life- reaching, searching, cultivating an existence.

Seniors Page 14

Academics Page 82


Sports Page 110


Activities Page 146

Underclass Page 210

Advertising Page 258


-^^Tj JM

r^-^ i?:. -'SjiB^HHJI^^I^HIB^^^^B ^H^^^^B^P


^^ '^ '

GROWTH sneakily squeezes inside the moments

between BIRTH and DEATH.

She hides in the secret

corners of

delicious moments silences frustrations

boredoms— INSPIRATIONS!! She catches us unaware




we must not fear CHANGE—

it alone is constant. Earth spins d i zz ily and Life PULsates exuberantly! even the breathless joy of childhood.

a fragile bubble of innocence, bursts


leaving only splashes of memories to relive to remember . . .

how magically new


the World seemed to our young eyes, when the Whole World was a whirling, tumbling INTOXICATING

of scrawled crayon smiles


and promises.

T-^'-^ U





K i 1

X ^I^^^L' ' - ' w

^^B fl



YOUTH is a time for exploring each other, for hurting

and being hurt,

for sharing

and groping clumsily toward secrets

still undiscovered. YOUTH is a time

for the seeds of ourselves to grow into our future.

how does a seed grow? in the beginning,

bury in soil a naked seed (a tiny timebomb of livingness

yet unborn) sprinl<le liberally with sunshine (thick as honey)

warmth patience

and a smattering of magic.

it will burst through the soil EX P L O D ing in a fireworks of green!!

(this recipe also works for human beings . . .)


we enter


swallowed by the barren

hallways, MASSIVE

INHUMAN STRUCTURES and rooms that reek of sameness, even the crowds lean upon each other, and their faces blur.

-but LOOK closely, in the pockets of classrooms. You will discover a few

whose lives have brushed across many, nurturing the seeds . . .

and by some peculiar sorcery, in spite of i

confining walls, J

blah rows of desks, *

a silent REVOLUTION of GROWTH sneaks into

those few precious SPARKS of discovery! . . . and so are we in constant change—

we escape the cocoon of our old selves and


like alice always in a

dither we can watch the world turn itself up side

down- it's all so contrary, but you can't win if you're too afraid of

losing. EAT ME said a cake DRINK ME said a bottle but maybe it wasn't a cake

or a bottle stall

maybe it was LIFE

shouting at us weaklings who never attempted to sit

down to dinner.



^^ I^Hf^W. 4


VADnLHRf. SsH' ffi^f^TT^ff^H^^^I







'^«!M»>' ,«^«jv.

i<K^jr^ii>- ^SZingssr.^lsmi'


... no ... it isn't all pretty, but

somewhere that wry bit of magic lurks, escaping •/

in the laughter behind the smile of joy and it opens us

to the beauty of simple things, of birds on a wire,

a memory, or a sun drenching red the soothing constant waters.

who are not constant tread the

footprints of our past

and find they do not fit our new steps yet

with every dawn

spilling onto the earth is the promise of a

new beginning.












the senior

hurtling headlong down the final


of a long journey,

the senior who barely

pauses to catch a breath

or regain

a sense of DIRECTION . . .

he fluctuates


apathy and nostalgia—

gleefully cutting classes

dodging hallguards

he finds a perverse pleasure in outwitting THE SYSTEM

that binds him too long

to rigid patterns.

Within himself—

echoes of dissentlon—

eagerly awaiting a FUTURE


savoring the final


moments of a fleeing reality,

cultivating memories

among friends.

Facing outward- ready to surge FORWARD

... yet fearful of the unfamiliar.

THE SENIOR (a paradox)—

standing at the threshold



to escape

through the June doors!

St. Luke Bless Us

He hates it, but he uses it!

Theresa Abbott

Thomas Adams

Patrick Ames

John Abraham

Suzanne Addis

Michael Amoroso

Marl< Abramczyi<

Vanya Akraboff

James Amundsen

Ronaid Abramczyk

Thomas Ailchin

Charles Anderson

John Adams

Barry Alvord

James Anderson

Patricia Anderson Daniel Andre

Just like a yo-yoll!

Jeffrey Andre Lora Andrews


"What can I say?'

Andrea Andrus Mictiael Apanasewicz

Daniel Apicello Susan Araps

Nikolette Arastaris Dennis Arieta


Jeffrey Artman Tlmotfiy Atves Edward Azman

Mary Ann Babic James Baglione John Baglione

Lynn Baizel Amelia Balale Michael Balazs


"Hey girls, come and get me!"

Look at those profllesi

Eric Bans Scott Banford

William Barbis Janette Barbish


Kathleen Barelich Pamela Barker Michaele Barkhurst Michael Barry

Edgar Bartel Ellen Bartel Jennifer Bates Mark Baltista

Janice Baume Douglas Baur Patti Becker James Beckert

David Beckwith Lawrence Belcastro

Kathy Bell Scott Bennett

"Hark! What light from yonder window breaks?"


George Beveridge Frances Bezdek Stephen Biaiko Maureen Billings David Bish

Mary Blakely Steven Blassingame Cathy Blatnik Carol Blazek Marialena Blomquist

James Bluhm Mary Boczek Gary Bodovetz Gustavo Boehm Janet Boettcher

"Our Father



Donald Bogotay

Cynthia Bohanon

Charles Bokar

Carmelina Bonanno

Joann Bonick Lynette Booms

Lola Boreave

Rino Boreave



Bette Bowers Gilbert Boyd John Bradshaw

Mary Brady Gienn Breeze Barbara Brennan

Charles Brickman Laura Britvic Sharon Brochak


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H }

What a womanll


Thomas Brockman Kurt Brocone

Linda Brod Edward Bronaka

Mother's little angell

Charmlanne Brothers Johnny Brown Kathleen Brown

Richard Brown Frank Browski Susan Bruening

Leafed out!

Nataiie Brunner Bonnie Bryant Karen Bucciiii Caroi Buchholz


Deborah Buente Victoria Burel<

Karen Burrows Gary Busli

Anthony Cafarelli Christopher Caimi

Garry Caldwell Diane Caputo

r ^lud^

"Follow the yellow brick road!'

Edward Carpenter Lynette Carpenter Shirley Carpenter

Timothy Carpenter Timothy Carrlsh Charles Carroll


Judy Carroll John Cassese Jeanne Cater Catherine Cavar Rae Lynn Cebul

Catherine Centa Maureen Centa Beverly Cesen Thomas Chambers William Chapel

John Chase Janice Chesnic Patti Chinnici Richard Chireallo Carol Chlshoim


". . .1,2,3 and we ALL FALL DOWN"

Patricia Clilebil< Marian Cholewicl<i

Gary Christensen Patricia Cliristie

Marie Christopher Valerie Cigoy

"Heck if that's your sister!"

James Cil<a Sam Ciiiberto

Mariiyn Cimperman Jay Cinco


HI, Sweetlel

Mary Collingwood

Jacquelyn Cook

Miller Collins

Philip Cooney

Clifford Connelly

Nancy Cooper

Ronald Connoly

Camille Coreman

Debora Conrad

Mary Coughlin

Clara Clapacs Bruce Clapp Paul Clapp

Ann Clark Stuart Clark Frank Clemence

Anthony Cline Donna Cline Christopher Collier


The Facts of Life

"Stop! You're tickling mel!"


Janle Cowan

Cheryl Cutter

Diana Cowling

Terrance Cutter

Frank Crockett

John Damberger

Barbara Crowder

Christine D'Amico

Ben Cruse

Renee D'Apice


Gary Darling Randy Davis Richard Day Michael Dea Edward Debeljak

Linda Dembek William Derby Michael Detko Kathy DeVito Michael Devlin

Janet Devor Carol DIBIaslo Carol DIeckmann Bonnie DIezic Christopher Dill

"What a Bummer!"

"If I were a carpenter.


Daniel Doros Susan Downer Colleen Doyle

Edith Dresch PattI Driscoll Steven Dritz

Amelia Drotleff Lynn Duffy Kevin Dugan



"You'll have to drag me back Inl"

A typical alert hailguard.

Cynthia Dular

Dale Ecker

Elizabeth Ehrhardt

Ronald Emser

Kathy Duncan

Carmen Edelbergs

Janet Eikenburg

Shawn Engel

Elaine Dutko

Marcia Eder

Nancy EIze

James English


Diane Erickson

Karen Evin

Nancy Farkas

Diana Erne

Michelle Evrls

Catherine Fasham

Susan Evan

Ronald Faiken

Diane Faust

"Hear ye! Hear ye!"

Philip Fedrowisch Lauren Felder John Festini Linda Filsinger Jean Finalyson

Dennis Fisher Robin Flack Beverly Fleck Michael Forgac Carol Fraley


William Francis Roy Francisco Waiter Frank William Frank Donald Freed

Euclid Is chaos.

Bruce Frey Susan Frimel Mark Fross Raymond Fuhrman Janis Gajda

Mark Gall David Galloway Duane Ganser Louise Gant Carol Ann Gargiulo

. . .and solitude.



Sharon Glick

Arthur Gold

John Gordos

John Glicker

Andrew Golon

Amy Gorn

Joanne Gogan

Charles Gonso

Mark Graf

"Who's that cool dude over therel"



Science Award Winners?

James Graiiam Lynette Grahel<

Robert Grdanc Roger Grdinic

(Vlarilyn Greenwald David Greer

Deborah Grimes

Karen Marie Guenther

Marl< Habat

Michael Grucza

Tod Guntner

Cathy Hacl<athorn

Donald Gudaitis

Karen Guyton

Dale Hacl<er



does not compute. . .does not compute. . .does

r T !

Finger Pickin' Good!

Thomas Hadyk

Linda Hannigan

Mary Harbst

Bruce Haines

Terry Hannon

Laura Harper

Curt Hale

Nancy Hansbrough

Blair Harps

Jeff Harris Melissa Harris Veronica Harrison

Jeffrey Hart Susan Haslego Elizabeth Hasse

"At midnight I turn into one.'


Lori Hassink Michael Hauptkorn Gary Hausrath

James Hay John Hayes David Hayman

James Hegedus Christine Henry Terry Henry


^t^^^t^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^H

^ 1


^^m a











|. \ ii^BEa^ ^^^^1

^^y^SSsS^^^t' A^^^^^^^l



! ' i



What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

Patti Hepp Susan Hersh

Glenn Higaki Gary Higgs

Cloyd Hildebrand Linda Hill


Sandra Hocevar

Douglas Holcombe

David Hoppert

Charles Houser

Marlin Hsu

Thamas Hodas

John Holodniak

David Hoppert

Mary Jo Hrasfar

Janet Huber

Jeffrey Hoedt

Grace Hommel

Jill Hornsby

Nancy Hrovat

fvlarguerite Huffman


Mary Ann Humar Martin Humensky Paul Hungerford

Patricia Hunter Betty Huston Eric Imm

Earl Jablonski Ramute Jakubauskas Randall Jameson


Deborah Jamnik Lynne Japel Kathy Jelepis

Candis Jenkinson Janet Jeppe Sharon Jerkich

"Just call me gimpeye!"

Shirley Jerkich Robert Jerome Marc Jewett

Dennis Jirousek Betfi Ann Johnston Beth Johnston

Gary Jokela Charles Jolly Cynthia Journey

Yoga position No. 247

Elaine- Joyce Cynthia Julian

Mary Beth Juratovic Colleen Justus

Patricia Kadunc Lorraine Kain

"I take my orders directly from the Major


Barbara Kane

Denise Karrer

Mary Kaston

Nancy Keck

Lynn Kempke

Joyce Kapusi

Deborah Kase

Sharon Katz

William Keeler

Cathy Kenik

Susan Karash

Janice Kastelic

Susan Katz

Judith Kehres

Robin Kenyon

Once upon a time.

Scurvy in the halls.



William Kern Annette Kernya

Joseph Kernya Joanne Keszenheimer

Charles Kevern Joseph Keyes

The placing of an obscene call

Debra Kikol Beverly Kimes Dale King

Denise Kinsey Linda Kirchner James Kittelsrud

Deborah Kivon Thomas Klein Susan Kluska


Kathy Knaus

Michael Kogan

Kyle Kopecky

Kitty Knox

Barbara Kohler

Lenore Kordet

William Kobyljanec

Jerome Kolar

Marilyn Kormos

John Koch

Gordon Kolus

Stephen Kosovich

Ellen Koelliker

John Komara

Mitchael Kotula

Connie Kovacevic Laura Kovacic

Robert Koval William Kovatch


Sharon Kowalkowski

Gregory Kozar

Kathleen Kozlevcar

Lawrence Kowicki

Timothy Kozel

William Krai

Norman Kozan

Mary Ann Kozich

Dale Kramer

Mary Jo Kratovich Mary Kraus Frank Kravos Joyce Kravos

Susan Krenisky Steven Krivdo Jean Krotine Randy Kubetin



Richard Kucherak Karl Kuchling

Joanne Kuebler Jerome Kuhel



James Kukral Patricia Kushan

Donald Kwasny Clay LaBounty

Lorraine LaCava Denise Lamm

Debra Lament Phyllis Lament John Langdon

Carole Lanning Jaime Lapides Peter Laszcz

My mother does NOT dress me funny!


"Here goes my $5.00 manicure!"

Excellent education in Euclid

Charles Lavalley

Christine Letanosky

Mark Lickert

David Lazar

Carole Lewanski

Rose Ann Lickert

Elizabeth Lehman

Carol Lewis

Barbara Liiley

Linda Leighton

Karen Lewis

Neal Lipstreu

John Leister

Lisa Lick

Cynthia Lis


"What the heck am I doing here?"

Nancy Liudahl Robert Lloyd

Marcia Lobas Patricia Lol<ar

Janet Lorek Alan Loucks

Robert Lucas Jo Ann Lucci

Lynn Luikart

Paul Lumadue

Laura Lustic

Susan Luikart

Peter Lundskow

Debbie Lutz

Linda Lukjare

Judith Lushin

Charles Luzar


stop Action.

Stephen Majeske Mark Makowski Shirley Malefic Rhonda Malin

Gregory Lyman Colleen Lynch Glenn Lytle Edward MacDonald Margaret Mack

Marybeth Mady Richard Magri Terri Magri Joann Mahusky Joseph Maire

"Standing In corners is fun!"


Timothy Malleo

Gary Marcyslal<

Darlene Markovic

William Martinsen

George Marx

Daniel Mamracl<

Mictiael Marincic

Albert Marn

Roger Marton

Todd Matetich

Ellen Mandate

Franl< Marinelli

Henry Marsey

Luann Maniglia

Joan Marinelli

Karol Martin

Robert Marcus

Mary Marino

Christine Martincic


Irene Matulis

Kevin McCullough

Craig McGill

Helen Mausser

Sherrie McCullough

Janet McKee

Ronald Mavrich

Deborah McDiffett

Kenneth Mcl<ee

William Maxwell

Patricia McDonald

Carol McVey

Steven McBride

Bruce McGill

Ernest Mecoli

Is he a suspicious-looking person, Dr. Bergem?


Matthew Medevic Christine Medlen

Linda IVIeglich Dennis Meister

Sandy Melonzi Monique Mensinger

Debra IVIeyer Robert Meyers

Donald MIkolic Edward Mikovich

Hey! Aren't U-Clidian?

Frederick Mildner

Patricia Miller

Arlene Miller

Paul Miltner

Kathleen Miller

Frank Mitch


Daniel Morris Amy Morton Debra Moses Jill Moskowitz

"Onions give me the hiccups!'

Kenneth Mitchell

Joan Monaghan

David Modic

Kathleen Monahan

Colleen Mog

Laura Mooney

Mamta Mohan

Bill Morgan

Punam Mohan

Kay Morley


Carol Mower Geraldine Mramor

Karia Mucci Richard Mueller


TonI Mulligan

Thomas MuscentI

Linda Mustar

Bradley Murphy

Janice Musick

James Nagle

Keith Murray

Jeffrey Mustar

Gary Nahrstedt



Where am I going. . .what will I find.

Tina Nahrstedt Aldona Narusas Susan Nash Janet Nawor Anna Neft

Peter Neithercott William Nemeth Joanne Nestlerode Nancy Nickels Frederick Niehaus

Andrew Noch Leonard Noel Cynthia Noga Deborah Noss Sharon Novotny

Monica O'Breza Sue Ockuly

Peggy O'Donnell Roberta Ofciarcik


The best of the worst.

"I have this terrible problem with my hair!"

1 +1=2

Evelyn O'Green Rebecca Oldham Kevin O'Neill

Iris Onions John Orehek Cheryl Ortman

Roger Osgood Donald Ostberg Melisa Otcasek

Barbara Ovsek

Barton Pachoike


Howard Padwa John Pales David Paller

Melissa Palumbo George Pana Cheryl Panko

Judith Pantages Victoria Paparizos Bonnita Papo Laurene Papp Richard Parisi


Ralph Parker Kathy Parkinson William Parkinson Robert Paskey Karin Patterson

Cathy Paulauskas August Pavis Nancy Pavsek Robert Pawlak Charlene Peirolo


John Penca

David Perna

Elaine Penharth

Donna Pestotnik

Mark Perl

John Petro

lM^ ^



\ ^ .


1 1, J


v^ v^

t ' /^ J


.And the cow ran away with the spoon.

John Petsanis Patricia Petscher Joann Petty Kathryn Pezek

David Phillips Roy Pignatlello Libert Pinto Denise Pisano


David Pistell Anna Planisek

Carol Plescia Laura Plesko

Ellen Pluto Frederick Podmore

The ants go marching 3 by 3.

^/^^y\ 4^ ^^,

Paul Podnar Lynn Pollack Dominic Pongallo Roger Porter

Cynthia Portik Lois Potter James Powell David Powers


Edward Purnell

Lana Puz

Joanne Randa

Bunny Purtee

Robert Quinlivan

Valerie Randazzo

Edward Puz

Carol Race

Raymond Rankin

Patricia Poyle Darlene Praznovsky Kenneth Presley Philip Price


Frank Prijatel Susan Pultorak Lorraine Punzar Mary Ann Pureber

Joanne Ratchford Emmett Ray

Douglas Rebeck Claudia Reel

A little bit more to the right, please.


Deborah Regets Thomas Reilly Dennis Renftle Sharon Resar

Suzanne Rhyne Lili Ribarich Jay Rice Pamela Richards

Sarah Richards Glen Richardson Charlene Richter Shirley Richter


Frank Roberts

Gayle Rogers

Maria Romano

Donna Robinson

Susan Rolik

Jack Rotar

Kathleen Robson

Tim Roman

Joy Roth

Panther Power

Barry Rubin Rita Ruscitto Leo Ryan


David Sabo Gary Sadens Sharon Saiter

Felicitations !

Are you really the waffle wiffer?

Jerome Sak

Caroline Santorelli

Theresa Savasky

Earleen Sanders

Dianna Sargant

Jeffery Schaffer

Richard Santon

Judith Savarino

Neil Schaffer

"Thith ith my besth fwend."

Virginia Scheer Allen Scheider

Clark Scheurman Carol Schlickert

Donald Schmaltz William Schneider

Robert Schulte Harry Schultz


John Schultz Loretta Schultz

Lucille Schuiz Paul Schutt

James Scott Debra Seamon

David Sechnick Bruce Seifert

Gary Semenchuk Sharon Senn Joseph Sepchinski


Sharlene Seredich Thomas Sever Joe Severino

James Seymour Sandra Shaffer Roger Shamansky

"YOUR mother wears army boots!"


"Put On a Happy Face"

Scott Simon Joseph Simone Bruce Singer

Jack Sivik Ronald Skapin Raymond Skedel

Peek-a-boo, I see you

David Shilander John5hilander Brian Shipley

Timothy Shipley Sandra Shultz Russell Shumaker

Frank Sicurezza Ellen Siders Michael Silverman


George Skrout

Dennis Smith

Frank Smolinski

Martin Slunski

Dinene Smith

James Snyder

Carl Smerdel

Karan Smith

Ardith Soeder

Laura Smerdel

Sandra Smith

Christine Soeder

"I brought It for show-and-tell."

Debra Skerly Penny Skeya


Gregory Skok Perry Skoii

Daniel Soltis Scott Somers

Roy Sonntag Gale Souders

William Southall Timothy Springob

"Up the Down Staircase

Donald Srnick Chris Stanic David Stankus

Michael Stansfield Rita Staskus Terri Steinfurth

Judith Steinhauer Monica Stelmach Dolores Stepanovich


Doreen Stephen Julianne Stermole

Ronald Stih Cherie Stine

"Well Schutt my mouth.'

William Stipe

Teresa Stout

Linda Strobel

Wendy Stocker

Gary Strauss

George Stuber

Sidney Stone

Lawrence Strell

Robert Stuber


"Gerby's corner"

Albert Sustarsic Carl Sutter Dale Sutton Debborah Sutton Luann Svigel

Mark Svilar Deborah Swaney Steve Szabo Brian Talty Suzanne Takacs

Robert Takiguchi Kathleen Tarantino Dennis Tavenier Alice Taylor Jeffrey Taylor

Holly Stump William Sturm Ann Sulen

Mark Sullivan Paul Sulzmann Raipfi Suster


Laurie Taylor Nancy Taylor Richard Teloeken Mark Tercek

Jean Teschner Vicki Tetrick Bar! Thomas Joseph Thomas

Mary Thomas Susan Thomas Thomas Thompson

Virginia Thweatt Barbara Timinski Mitchael Toaddy


Sheryl Tucker Carol Turk Elizabeth Turk

James Turk Thomas Turk Deborah Turkoc

Yukiko Tokunaga

Claire Tomorowltz

Victor Trolia

Marianne Tomala

Donald Tornstrom

Jo Ann Trost

Doreen Tomaro

Rosemarle Traina

Susan Trunkely

Nancy Tomko

Raymond Travers

Joyce Tucceri


Ronald Tutolo Karen Twoey Donna Uchbar Janice Udell Elaine Ujcic

Susan Ullman John Urban Lorraine Urban Christine Urgeleit Dennis Valencic

Gramma's knitting circle

Nadine Valentino Lorene Vanah

Linda Vanek Gayle Van Etten

Daniel Van Pelt Jill Veber


Anton Vehovec Rita Vehovec

Rene Velez Beverly Vercellino

Richard Vesel Patty Vibbert

Dennis Vitolo Helen VIcek

Harold VoIpe Robert VoIpe

Anna Vozobule Charles Vranekovic IVIark Vranekovic Tana Marie Walden

Frank Walland Jay Walsh Michael Wanchik Jackie Wasnac

-' -


Jeffrey Weber Marlene Weber Irwin Weinberger

Stephen Weinhold Cynthia Weisert Carol Weiss

Mark Whitcomb Robert White Kathleen Whitlinger

Kenneth Wilber Gregory Wilker Kirk Will

I'm cutting out early.

Barbara Willert Jane Williamson

Beverly Wilson Deborah Wilson


m X.

Hey man, que pasal

Frances Wyman Donna Yan

Cynthia Yanchar Edward Yenc

Darlene Yeray Todd Yoder

George Wilson Jann Wilson Stirling Wilson Suzanne Winters Paul Wirsching

Linda Wise Lul<e WtsV.es Donna Woodruff Kathe Workman James Wright


Loreen Yoger Michele Young

Robert Yozipovich Debra Yuras

Linda Zakrajsek Theodore Zawojek

Holli Zelman Marilyn Zgonc

Michelle ZielaskI

Walter ZmijewskI

Wendy Zitnik

Frank Znidar

Philip Zivich

Lynn Zola


John Zoller Henry Zot Cecilia Zupancic Maryann Zupancic

Gary Hackle Peter Neithercott Lynn St. John


f-0)-? Birth-coptro

n^ life./ '.-"""''/ /r^/

^''^^^i-^r^^LOppor/i/mVK ^






obless Rate

feeds Revie .. ., ..,„,^^^

Urarr nunibers ^r ^ effect vc

"""on I I ^''•Neiu Feminist v<:





May 1, "'"

May 2,

May 3,

May 4, 1'2

Mays, 292

May G, 266

May 7,

May 8, May 9


Sept. 1, Sept. 2, f»«pt. 3,

Sept. 4,

Sept. 5,

Sept. 6,

Sept. 7, 144

Sept. 8, Sept. 9..-

B 206 'Zl 278 Sept: 9'.:" •'«'' ^A M ft H tk H

May 18,

May 19, 548

May 20, 274

May 21, May 22, May 23. Mo-

Just Wait Till Children of Yc


Sept. 2

cho/ce jQbies


m r



^cademyA/de IflftS Beer-Gulping

^^^cH Whites WW%^ mA^iT^

Ee/ '^tfVO Strip-Mining

^ ArenTAll B Euclid Beach opposed by

imature, Sui


Strip-Mining Bill Passes



IT you are not

^ part of the


bu are part

of the 9o\w'°" PROR'FM'


ir Own!' f -i

rat controlJ^AC pupils



A BmMk


a \f&rut -^'ce mtt^ -yuuvici, fiWlie ^tu/ff-, "^"s fo^fe^


OL (arAe ryta>iu>uJfl.6ftirrrvL placet, CImX eiJtra cUjL , ^ it) M * 30 , Clia/ir«. sUu/e^, I0orri'ec6 . cuul sioeoi-ei. oJe" Ws de^MA And mm t>o eZ+t^. T^t ft)$S

>(oa^ lor a. ?Ro6l?t55iVe R^VM -fc took. Oi- "^h^Asl SKn. .. ^u^ eM«s 5-ltttAje^ ^ 4iiA VACOitt lot- ftitt


cmu^, n'srmB job(panpI omk <m?%fns


CViwlie s+tp^ oulsiclt OW, ororfldcHei. 4k smifii^i bo** . "A vett lUwer," cWhe 60^, "but li' Ca^'\ ^(op, ]ner&\ inJe'fe 1>2iIdUh o.


TKofinftBiJg.! UJe, heerf- room, -ft) GJ?ou; !! 1+*^ '«*'«' i^^HW»Aor

v\fc -for ioitte/^ «^ ^ ^ ^*^ ^ ff^ ' ^'^ ™Juo


cm rv\fc -ror uKtre/r -"h^ wt^i^^ ■./.•, » - --t-- - q-- »

a^ CAMt^ U measured. i^d,llu6 a^d. a^$, " ^''f^




ff i





A IS FOR APPLE.!! apple

CRASHES down on Newton's skull because of GRAVITY! d



n the apple splits

a p a rt

into a STAR— look up!!

Big Bear, Cassiopeia (the throne)



hurtling back into TIME

stumble on to the

WHEEL (it's round) so is the world

(Columbus believed it and borrowed 3 boats from the Queen)

to DISCOVER the Indians

hungry now and Poor

thanks to our forefathers "set forth upon this continent . . ." a new NATION Conceived in . . .



a c-h-a-i-n-r-e-a-c-t-i-o-n of ideas . . . emotions . . .





so grows the tree."

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree." As students are taught to think, so grows a mature and stable society.

Growth is everywhere. Students grow as they learn from a curriculum suited for each individual. Students grow as they participate in a varied number of activities at Euclid Senior High School. Students grow as they serve and help others.

We hope, as you have taken advantage of the many opportunities offered at Euclid Senior High School, that your growth has been progressive, rewarding and long lasting.

Congratulations on a fine year and my best wishes for a profitable and happy future. Spartoco DiBiasio Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Spartoco Di Biasio, Superintendent.

86/ Academics


New Flexibility

A team.

Not to teach or guide.

A team to BE THERE.

Scene-CHANGERS mobilize

with new flexibility— _

offer independent study

initiate curriculum revisions

abolish exams

add a new man— Mr. Wllkins! ADMINISTRATION— a working liaison between STUDENTS— PARENTS— FACULTY


Mr. Waller Schwegler, Principal

IVIr. James Wilkins


Dr. Jerry Bergem

Mr. John Schellin; Treasurer

Mr. Fred Johns


Mr. Merwin Staines; Counselor.

90/ Academics

Miss Phyllis Modie; Counselor.

Deans = Discipline

. . . Yellow warning slips instill fear in the hearts of students- detested, but tolerated. Counselors =Guidance. A SMILE- and candy (in G-L) sweeten woes,. Scheduling classes . . . and futures. Discipline+Guldance=SUCCESSI


Emotion Captured

Words! The building blocks of society.

But the thoughts of GRAMMAR!


Never cease to drum up moans and groans,

How about experiencing A DAY IN THE LIFE OF-

"Gyrano de Bergerac" or "Macbeth" or even

a "Greek God!"

So maybe Coleridge was an opium addict,

maybe Dylan Thomas was frequently drunk,

maybe Ben Franklin had "children" throughout

the world. . .

But they brought us literature.

Emotion— captured in an instant.


English: Frank Mularo

gj pia \\3\ Kiif srivi.iji

English Seated, (L to R): Norma Cowan, Emelie Gale. Standing: Sue Harris, Sue Nelson, Marsha Portaro, Mary Kay Replcky.

IcwAt^ Auk..

English: Leonard Robuck

English: (L to R): Janis Jordan, Al Benz.



I li

English Bottom Row (L to R): Frank Jablonski, Karen Wiatrak, Jane Leilis, Granville Smith, Elizabeth Perkins, Dorothy Urbanic. Row 2: Robert Petrovic, Frank Aultz, William McGuinness, Justin Antonini.

English: Frank Pringle.

English: Frank Mularo.

English (L to R): Betty Baden, Robert Hall, Judy Garmody, Gerald Henderson, Jane Balabolil, Kenneth Lowe, Rachelle Korlan.


Business Bottom Row (L to R): Alvin Amster, Ben Sawyer, Edmund Mize, Eleanor Wiegand.

The Jungle

Bound for a job,

preparing for the business jungle.


a handful of tired fingers,

broken nails.


the way you wrote

before you knew how.


it had better add up right!

General business:

"This is my savings account,

no— my checking account, no . . .'

Business skills—

for survival in the business


Business Bottom Row (L to R): Al Brown, Marsha Rosneck, Charlotte Bensusan, Hoffart.



Business Bottom Row (L to R): Joe Regano, Sandy Kormendl, Marie Harshman, Marc Manburg.



"WHO, ME?"

("Fine, if I could understand

what you're talking about!") "ICH VERSTEHE ENGLISH NIGHT!"

"ME NO GOMPRENDO EITHER!!' Sometimes you feel like a displaced American with teachers babbling on and language lab tapes (repeat) tapes droning forever.

You grope with verbs, conjugations, structures, until you DREAM in your new language, (then, it's all worth it!!)

Foreign Language: (L to R) Donna Baumeister, Margaret Schultz, Al Benz.

Foreign Language: (L to R) Judy Simonich, Michael Burns, Mei Kamenik. Avon calling has a masculine ring!

Foreign Language: Helen Sopko.

Foreign Language: Jean Foley.



Social Studies: John Schroeder.

Social Studies: William DeMora.

96/Soclal Studies

Sociai Studies Bottom Row (L to R): Roger Brown, Norma Crone. Row 2: Forrest Diehl. Mary Ann i Kuhar. Row 3: Earl McNeilly, Michael Raicevich.

Social Studies (L to R): Nat Dickinson, Mary White, Wayne Smith.

Social Studies: Leonard Weisenberg.

Social Studies: Richard Zawack.

Social Studies (L to R): Ray Hively, Alex Dzerowicz, Dave Schonauer.

4(20) & 7 Years Ago


"Friends, Romans, countrymen,

lend me your ears."

"Et tu, Brute?"

Machiavelli's The Prince by the inventor

of dirty politics.

Taxation without representation!


Tippycanoe and Tyler, tool


(Darwin's "naked ape" theory)

Four score and seven years ago . . .

Charge up San Juan Hill with Teddy.

(Remember the Alamo?)

Vietnam to Bangia Desh

"Ask not what your country can do for you;

ask what you can do for your country."

Socrates . . . Locke . . . Rousseau . . . RUBIN???

Social Studies Bottom Row (L to Rj: Linda Harrold, Franl< Hoffert. Row 2: James Kelley, Ronald Powaski.

Social Studies/97

Math (Seated): Margaret Uhry. Standing: (L to R) Carl Clements, Gene Brearton, Don Rinkes, Fred Sallach.

Math: (L to R) Charles Reno, Dale Davison.

My Circular File.


Mathematics (L to Rj: Dale Thompson, Marge Gorslene, Richard Rakovan.

1, 2, Buckle My Shoe!

"1, 2, buckle my shoe!"

BASICS. A numerical alphabet,

and formulas. "3, 4, shut the door!"

and open new ones.

Trigonometry. Calculus.

Math Analysis. "5, 6, pick up sticks!"

Grab a pencil and calculate! "7, 8, lay them straight!"

Add. Divide.

Reduce to lowest terms. "9, 10, start over again!"

Check. Recheck. When in doubt, consult a computer.

Mathematics (L to R): Richard Rose, James Cliffel, Adam Pawlowski, Jacqueline Toth.

Would you believe It?!