Forest and Stream.

A Weekly Journal of the Rod and Gun.

Angling. Shooting, the Kennel, Practical Natural History,






January June, 1893










Adirondack Park 269

Advertising Becord 445, 489, 511

Alligator Satchel 489

Amateur Photography Competition .203

Afognak Reservation 23

Aquarium at the World's Fair , 155

Audubon Monument 835

Big River Ill

Canadian Fishing 357

Capercailzie for America 401

Chinese and American 269

Columbian Celebration 357

Cooke City Road 225

Coyote 1''"!'

Crank, Account for 1

Danvis Folks 291

Dear People 318

Delmonico Dainties 433

Deknonico Woodcock Case 155, 177, 291, 313

Dynamite 401

Feathers and Snowstorms 89

Florida Volcano 401

Forest AND Stream Head 1

Forest and Stream Review 559

Game Preserve System 511

Hallock, Charles (portrait) 559

International Fisheries Commission , .„.^....lll

In the Beginning .560

Lead Keels, Twenty Years of ,r , . . .537.

Live Birds and Artificial Targets 537

Marrying into the Tribe. . . . .; 291

Marzluff Trout /. 467

Mongolian Pheasants ; . . V .335^

National Sportsmen's Convention r:"r.-. . .•T; r.-r:."5fi

Natural Rights 433

Nessmuk Memorial 69, 89, 177, 203, 235, 269

Newspaper Unnatural History 225

New York Game Law 133

Non-resident Game Laws 247, 291

Possession in Close Season 247

Public Fish and Private Waters 247

Reindeer in Alaska. , 203

Revolver, Military 1

Sea Otter and Aleuts. Ill

Sick Bed and Trout Brook 467

Speaker Crisp and the Park 155

Tag for the Duke 335

Tags are Un-American 247

Trout Law Interpretation 318

Trout Opening. . . 335

Trustees of Public Reservations .537

Twenty Years of Forest and Stream 559

White Goat 89

World's Fair Aquarium 203

Yachting Season 467


Amateur, Breaking in 9I3

Back to the Old Home 490

Bears in the Cypress 292

Bird Chat 248

Bullwhacking in Buffalo Days .447, 468

California Spring Time. 490

Camping on the Tenderfoot 248, 270

Chance Acquaintance 204, 380, 490

Chapter of Hunting History , SS6

Charm that Allures 226


Country Club's Bull's Head Breakfast 538

Danvis Folks 393, 315, 358, 880, 424, 468, 513

Desert Home 156

Easter Crocuses (poetry) 270

Eskimo Amusements 237

Fish Story 3

Forest and Stream (poetry) 560

Green Bay Monster 403

Greenland Hunting 68, 90, 112

Gunpowder River 470

Indians and Big Game 337, 358

Jonas Arkem's Coon Supper 134

Kalispells, Land of the 512

Kellup's Beagle 2

Kellup's Dream 204

Kissimmee, Caloosa, Okeechobee 25

Lake Worth Country 178

Lige 336

Linkville Snakes 469

McLellan, Isaac (portrait) 446

Nessmuk Incident 178

Nessmuk (poem) 248

Nessmuk (portrait) 113

New Brunswick Bear Braves 270

Night Adventure on the Levee 538

Old Tale Retold 350

Paradise in the Northwest 370

Pampas of the Entre Rios 24, 93, 113, 156

Pampas Wild Life 338

ParTj Scheme 35

Podgers's Commentaries 314, 359, 560

Podgers's Menagerie 3

Potter Wilds 249

JReminiscenses of a Veteran 446

Riding Double 178

Russian River 25

Sandwich Island Hook , 316

Sporting Symposium 314

Tags are Un-American 370

Told in Heroics 3

Tramp Through the Mountains 90, 114

Trout of the Mountain Stream (poem) 513

Two Days' Outing 337

White Violet (poem) 470


Antelope Characteristics 294

Antelope, Pet (illustrated) 513

Antlers, Abnormal 47

Aquarium Pictures 228

Audubon Monument 360

Beaver Colony in Pueblo 250

Beaver, The Last 448

Coon Pets 179

Crow Vitality 228

Cuckoo 288

Cuckoo or Rain Crow 388

Chuckor Partridges in Illinois 317

Deer and Sheep 4

Deer Head from Adirondacks 135

Deer with Bison Tail 93

Devil of the Woods 359

Direction Sense 293, 338

Down the Bay 338

Ducks Molting 294

Elk in Harness 271

Feathered Scallawags 435

Gray Wolf in British Columbia ,179


Guadalupe Light Bears... 250

Hawk Migration 561

Heads, Mounting of 316

Heath Hen 850

Horned Toad Habits 435

Jaguar's Name 435

Kangaroo Rats 371

Lynx in Captivity 4

Maine's Vanishing Game 359

Manatee, Tame 381

Meadow Larks, Song of Western 337

Michigan Birds 403

Moose in Harness 157

Musk Ox 68, 93, 157, 338, 403

National Zoological Park 206, 228

Nature's Tragedy 425

New Mexico Collection 4, 93

Otters in Pennsylvania .871

Pine Grosbeak 157, 250

Pinolillo 425

Prairie Hen, New , 425

Rabbits and Ferrets 114

Reindeer in Unalaska (illustrated) 205

Robin Habits 513

Ruffed Grouse Breeding 448

Sierra Bird Notes 205

Snakes, Spitting 561

Snake's Striking 48

Snowy Owls 47

Texas Collection 338

Texas Coyotes 338

Toad's Supper 93

Turtles on the Gulf Beach. . . : 513

Vizcacha and Prairie Dog 135

Wild Animals, Something About 205

Wolves and Their Ways 4, 25, 48

Wood Bison 403

Woodcock in Town 271, 294

Woodcock's Ways 403

Woods Notes and Queries 93

World's Fair Grounds, Wild Birds in 513

Yellowbreast Chat 381


Accidents, Use of 94

Accidents With Fire Arms 363

Adirondack Merchantable Timber 471

Adirondack Park 8

Among the Wild Fowl (illustration) 5, 232

Among the Coots 317

Bachelor's Vacation 95

Bad Lands, Three Days in 9

Barren Grounds of Northern Canada 70

Bear Hunt, My First 449

Bear Hunt, Novel. 138

Bears, April Talk of 339

Bear's Freak , 157

Black Duck 28

Black Duck Shooting 49

Bluenose 94

Boone and Crockett Club Cabin 49

Brown's Deer 31

Budget From Bluenose Land 6

Business With a Bear .363

Cahbers and Cartridges , . , 158

Cape Cod Deer 6

Caps, Strength of 334

Caribou Wholesale Slaughter 331


Carr, Protector 7

Cold Weather Notes. 71

Colorado Game Interests 51

Colorado Outrage 119

Country Club's Preserve 340

Crude Oil and Wild Fowl. 95

Deer Encounter 28

Deer in Maine 405

Dog that Broke Himself.. 138

Duck Hunting on the Smoky 383

Ducking on the Muddy Mississippi 514

Duffers 872

Eider Shooting on the Maine Coast 9S

Fathers and Sons 395

Ferrets and Rabbits 114, 158

Florida Quail Shooting 158

Forest and Stream at the World's Fair 450, 47S

514, 563

Greensboro Sportsmen 4

Grizzly in the Gloaming 27

Guadalupe Deer 271

Guns in Close Season 471

Gun Tax I8O

Hallensee Powder Test 405-

Incidents in My Hunting Life , 157

Indiana Quail Shooting 7

In the Corn 157

Jack Rabbits by Moonlight 182

Jack Rabbit Supper 331

Kellup's Dream 229

Killing a Cat 663

Loon Ways igo

Maine Bear Hunt 663

Maine Deer Grounds .853

Maine Game go

Maine Jack Rabbit Scheme 117

Maine License Fee 62, 208

Maine's Moose for the Pair 540

Marsh Shooting (illustrated) 5

Maryland Tag System. , 395

Massachusetts Association 53

Massachusetts Game Interests 52

Massachusetts Law . . , . 364

Memory, A 405

Mexico Hunting . 333

Michigan Game Interests 296

Minnesota Game Situation ng

Mongolian Pheasants 297, 404

Moose, Ear-Marked 74

National Park 71

National Park Buffalo (illustrated) 137

Nebraska Quail for California 491

Nessmuk, Reminiscences of 96

New Brunswick Big Game 71

New Brunswick Traps 7, 29, 51, 72, 94

New Mexico Game Notes 179

New Mexico Bears and Bear Dogs 350

New York Game Legislation 9

New York State Association .53, 78

North Dakota Game 383

Notable Shots . . .118, 138, 272, 295, 317, 340, 364, 406, 436

Nova Scotia Moose Snaring 251

Old Days in the Backwoods 136

On a Sycamore Root 426

One Bird Always Remembered 364

Ontario Game and Fish Commission .208

Oregon Ducks 3^3

Oregon Game Protector 230

Oregon Quail and Pheasants 385

Out of His Reckoning 5

» r

i I



Ozarks, Story of 26

Panther Incidents 50

Passamaquoddy Indian Treaty 138

Pattern and Penetration 115, 363

Pecos Valley Game Notes 51

Pennsylvania Association

Pennsylvania Covers

Pennsylvania Lynx, Experience with 818

Pennsylvania Protection 28, 50, 71, 96, 115, 183, 296

Pinos Altos, Night in. ' 186

Podgers's Commentaries 118, 208

Podgers on Pacific Ducking. 251

Powder and Shot Measures 406

Preserve System 515

Quail in Pennsylvania 362

Quail Shooting in Delaware 404

Quail Shooting in the South

Eocky Mountain Hunting 180

Searching Poachers' Pockets 53

Selling Game 31

Small-Bore Cartridges 427

Small Rifles and Big Game 27

Snipe in Western New York , 449

Snipe Shooting (illustrated) 251

Southern Game Country 231

Sportsman's Invitation 180

Story with a Moral 251

Swamp Hole Buck 181

Tacoma's Resources

Tag System

Texas Shooting 50

Told in a Letter to a Friend

Trees and Men 29

Turkey, Big 115

Turkey Hunting in Middle Georgia 362

Turkey Shooting at Wamp's 6

Venison for a Change 317

Vitality, Instances of 539

War Time Shot 318

Wild Geese Shooting in Kansas 490

Winter Home of Game

Wisconsin Hunt 29

Wisconsin Notes 372

With a Youngster in the Woods 362

Wolf, Tough 406

Woodcock Flight in South Carolina 74

Woodcock, Last of 1892 95

Woods Cranks

Yellowstone Park ,


Adirondack League Club 275, 3(

Alaska Fly-Fishlng 2<

Alaska Herring Season 386

Alaska Salmon Fisheries 143

Al. Foster, With the 542

Angler's Dream 210

gling Exhibit Figures , 32

Bangor Salmon

Barber, Game Protector , 11, 33, loo, 159

Barnyard Hackle Wins 32

Bass Bait-Casting 273

38, Chunky Little 298

d Did Not Get 564

Black Bass Fishing 120

Black Bass in Connecticut 54I

Black Bass of the Thorn Apple 211

Black Bass Rearing 76, 211, 376

Black Bass Waters 387

Black Lake 516

Books in Running Brooks. 43I

Brook Trout of Wautoma. 210

Brook Trout Pond 76

Buel, Julio T 298

Bull Head Upheaval 185

Canadian Fishing 367, 406, 474, 566

Chance Acquaintance 233, 318

Chicago Fly-Casting 474

Christmas Gift Rhymes 10, 97

Colorado Trout Waters. , 11

Connecticut River Pike-Perch. 185

Creel Straps ,....321

Crooked Lake, Michigan 233 254

Drum off Atlantic City 520

Mnland Fishing. , 210

rish Commissioners' List 34

Pisbeulture History .543

slshing Banks of New York 542

Fifihway Construction 185

B'rog Casting for Bass ; 367

Sairdner's Trout Spawning 27g

Trout Bill 99, 318,427

Memories 140

esMeajiow 12i

wood Lake 540



Ice Fishing at Put-in-Bay 159

Illinois Wardens 256

Indian Halibut Hooks 189

In Quest of Bass ..342

International Fisheries Commission Ill

Jocko River Trout 185

Just One More 99

Kentucky Fish BiU 55

Kingfishers in Canada 429, 452, 474, 492

Lac Tschotagama 518

Lake Champlain Bass 334

Lake Trout 139

Lampreys 387

Large-Mouth and Small-Mouth 407

Lewistown Reservoir 11, 121, 184 , 431

Lycoming Waters . 356

Maine Fisheries 56

Maine Game Protection 887

Maine Non-Residents 491

MarzlufE Case , 474

Massachusetts Association 11

Massachusetts Fishculture 100

Mechanicville Fishway Affair 83, 100, 159

Megantic Club Dinner 161

Mink on a Hook 406

Missouri Dynamite Law 454, 566

Muscalonge in Connecticut River 494

Mussels Caught on a Hook 256

Mussels, Curious Capture of 120

Nebraska Trout Fishing 473

Nessmuk (poetry) :.387

Nevada Fishculture 77

New Hampshire Curiosity 541

New Hampshire Fish Commission 143

New Jersey Coast Pounds 183

New York Fishculture , 11

Niagara County Anglers, Day of 491

Ohio Fish Legislation 410

Oneida Lake and its Fish Supply 333

Onondaga Anglers 321

Onondagas at Three Rivers 565

On the North Shore 31, 46, 75, 98, 119, 140, 190, 365,

386, 408, 430, 451, 478, 492, 517

Oregon Notes 367

Ouananiche 566

Ouananiche Fishing 33, 56

Ouananiche Tackle 341

Parmachenee-Belle Fly 388

Pennsylvania Association 276, 321

Pennsylvania Fishculture 185

Pennsylvania Trout , 56

Pike 318

Reel, Pre-historic 410

Saginaw Bay Ice Spearing 374

St. Lawrence Bass Tackle 567

St. Louis Notes 367

Salmon in Hudson River 566

Salmon, One Way of Killing 410

Dan Diego Fishes 399

Sandwich Island Fish Hook 368

Schoharie Salmon ; . H, 33, 93

Scott Fly 367

Sea-Fishing at Cadiz 234

Shark Shooting 97

Sockdolager 134

Spawning of Bass 356

Sucker of Boyhood , 299

Tarpon in the Gulf 451

Toldby the Way 131

Tonging Tom Cods 56

Trolling and Bait-Casting 233

TrolMng Spoon Evolution 298

Trout in Connecticut 475

Trout, Odd Days with 140

Trout Pool 32

Trout Spawning Curiosities 99

Trout Spawning in June 210

Uncle Billy .......299

United States and Canadian Fisheries lOO

United States Fish Commission Exhibit 428

Walton and Cotton's Fishing House 255

Weights and Sizes of Fish 93

When Jack and I Went Fishing (poetry) 298

Where the Old Trout Hide (poetry) ...342

Wyoming County Association 275

Wyoming Valley Notes 141


Bexar Field Trials 78, 122

Bloodhound Belhus, Jr 343

Boston Dog Show 304, 322

Boston Pointers 326

Boston Terriers 81, 108, 148

Brunswick Fur Club Meet 77

Bulldog Traits 369, 390, 412, 476, 545

Chicago Dog Show 123, 144

Chicago Kennel Club and A. K. C 211

Coursing at Huron ,

Coursing at Newark, Cal 478

Coursing near Denver

Denver Dog Show 344

Des Moines Dog Show , 79

Detroit Dog Show 79, 278

Eastern Field Trials Derby Entries 456

Elmira Dog Show 280

English Fancy 122

Field Trial Rules 14

Gloversville Show .36

Gordon Setters at Shows 167

Great Dane Judge 368, 8

Great Dane, Type of 5;

Gun Shyness 14, 57, 108,311

Hamilton Kennel Club 148

Health of Dogs at Shows 121

Homing Instinct in Dogs -369, 413, 418, 496

Illindio Kennel Club 133

Indianapolis Dog Show 79, 382, 301

International Field Trials Derby Entries 524

Irish Setter Club of America 326

"Kennel Secrets"

Ldra-Heineken Heat 57

Los Angeles Dog Show 389

Mulcaster's Ride 133

National Beagle Club

New England Beagle Trials 523

New Jersey Kennel League 546

New Year's Eve Fox Hunt 282

New York Dog Show 166, 187

Pacific Coast Field Trials 79, 101

Pet Dog Club Show 477, 494

Philadelphia Dog Show 21

Pointer Weight Division 57, 103, 133, 359

"Pup," Tribute to (poetry) 59

Russian Wolfhounds. . . 12, 14, 57, 58,

San Francisco Dog Show 413, 438

Saratoga Kennel Club 121

Self -Hunting Dogs 282

Southern Field Trials 123, 142

Spaniel Type. . .167, 216, 260, 282, 344, 368, 369, 388, 893, 434, 476, 544, 545, 572

Tonawanda Dog Show 14

Toronto Dog Show , 432

Tracey, J. M., Death of 261

United States Field Trials 147

United States Field Trials Derby Entries 546

Wankie Kennels 165

Washington Dog Show 236, 257

Wire Hairs, Mr. Smith's 148

Wissahickon Heights Dog Show 523, 545

World's Fair Judges. . . . 261, 281, 303, 305, 325, 344, 412,

434, 547, 570

Yonkers Dog Show 476


, 33

American Kennel Club Management

American Kennel Club Meeting. . .

A. K. C. Regulations


American Pet Dog Club


American Spaniel Cilub


Baltimore Dog Show

214, 234

,369, 390, 411

Bedlington Terriers

390, 434

Benching in Rotation



* Illustrated Articles.

•A-lert 83, 150, 47!

^"el 169

Astor Cups igg

Audax (Ranee)

Barr Bros

Boeier *gj

Bonnie Doon gi 501

Bouncer ig, 61, *107

Britannia 394 4^5

British Races *52g

Carmita 217

Chicago 60, 107, 150, 285, 526

City Island 347

Clapham *107

Colonia 4gg


Lake Ontario ]g

"Icebound" _ _ 39

Cy-Pres 127, 149, 197, 217

Reine— To Florida 105

Yachting vs. Hay Fever 263

Vacation Voyage 240, 261, 284, 329

Dagmar- g^y

^'eii'dre 415^ 435

Dunraven's Challenge 61, 82, 239, 351

Emerald ggg^ 430

Eofanta ^gg


FoUy 217, 459

French Design *gg ;


Gerry, Com 135

Gertrude 415

Gypsy 87

Handsel ^^^^

Hay Fever , ^gg

Houseboats *g27. +348

Ice Yachts *io6, 150, 198, 241

Indolent 415

International Racing 60, 82, 197, 216, 239, 263, 351,

415, 435

Jubilee 549

Kwasind ^gjg

Lady Members.. 305

Lais ' gg4

Loyal 241, 415

Measurement and Classification 38, 126, 148, 197

219, 237, *240, 372, 415, 497

Meteor Shield 37^ 82

Miranda 285

Model Competition 240

Model Experiments *306

Model Yachts jgg, 330

Morwena 373

Navahoe 128, 169, 197, 436, 479, 498, *526, ,548

Neaera ^17

New Yachts 38, 128, 197, 217, 305, 436

New York Y, C. Measurement 126, 148, *241

Nox *263

Old Ship

Old Yachts ^85


J, E. Buckout 38

B. F. Butler gj

S. J. Colgate 171

Wm. Dand eg

Harry Randall gg

W. F. Weld

. 62

Pitefim 218, 305, *459, 549, 573

Puget Sound g^g

Queen Mab #459


Romance _ igg

Royal Victoria Cup ggg

Satanita, ,

, 37

Scarecrows 305^ 415

Secrecy 334^ ggg

Speed of Yachts 33, 107, 127, 149

St. Lawrence Canals 15, *16 60

Thistledown goi ggg

Thrush >4g8

Trial Races gjg

Twenty-one Foot Trophy 549

Twenty Years of Yachting g^g


Valkyrie 415,436,572

Vendetta 4gg

^'igilant 4gg^ 458


World's Fair 15, *16, gg^ 107, igo_ 263, 285

Yachting vs. Hay Fever ggg


Y. R. A. Rules. .


American Model igg ggg ggg


Audubon 499

^e^e'-ly 198, 549

Biscayne Bay 340

Brooklyn 4g9^ 5,4

Cape Ann , 499

Cape Cod g24

Corinthian, Philadelphia gg goo

Corinthian, Marblehead g49

Corinthian Mosquito Fleet igg^ 414^ g4g

Corinthian, New York 2I8, 500, 501, 549

Corinthian, San Francisco *24i, 285 549

Corinthian, Yale ggg

Commonwealth ^tA








Kill von Kull




Mosquito Fleet Y. C



.601, 673 107




601, 534


416, 500, 574


"^O""^' 126, 285, 458, 501, 549

NewYorkY. R. A jgg.


^^^^^^'^ .'499.



^'^'"•'y 501, 573-

37, 61, 469, 499, 674'

Seawanhaka, Sewaren

„^ , 600'


South Boston 436, *498,'e74




Southern 150, 500, 573

St. Lawrence 61, 549

Staten Island 498

Tarpon Springs 169 , 217, 306, 830, 851

White Bear 549

Winthrop 524, 549

Yale Corinthian- 305

Y. R. A. Rules 239

YorkvUle 501


^Iva 62, 171, 264, 416

Anemone 436

Aquilo 217

■Cleopatra.... 198, 550

Oorsair 108

Fiseen 37, 415

Impatient 347

Maid of Honor. 62

Marietta ..*480

May 38

Nada 415

Random 217,351

Samara 264

Seabury & Co 436

Valiant 150

Varuna 217

Vesta 415


* Illustrated Articles. American Canoe Association: Atlantic Division Meet. . .40, 62, 198, S84, 502, 527, 550

Meet *150, 198, 351, 394, 479

Eastern Division 437, 527

Racing Rules 501, 502


Year Book 479

Aluminum Boats 40, 171

Bulb Centerboard *84

Burns's Steering Gear *437

"Canoeing With Sail and Paddle". 873

Canoeists' Club 264

Ckuises: .

A Canoeing Episode 373

A Mid-Day Bun 171

Centerboard, Peeble's *84

Dorion's Rudder Gear *199


Hay ward, Dr ^73

number Y. C. Book *574

Isalo *242

Mingo *84

Model Tracer ..-242

Rudder Gear *199, *437

Ruggles, Capt 198

Schlaukopf 's Canoe Sharpie Canoes Singlehanders Tiller, Adjustable



Ian the ,


Marine and Field

New York

Oakland Navy Passaic River


Red Dragon..


South Boston


W. O. A

Forest and Stream.

A Weekly Journal of the Rod and Gun.

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The Military Rifle.

A Crank Accounted For.

Our New Head.

The Sportsman Tourist.

A Little Domestic Argiiment. Our Turkey Shoot at wanip's. Menace to Yellowstone Park. Kellup's Beagle.

Natural History.

The Panther's '-Handspike" Tail- 'Podgers's" Menagerie. A New Mexico Collection. The Gray Timber Wolf. Lynxes in Captivity.

Game Bag and Gun.

Cape Cod Deer.

Chicago and the West.

Indiana Quail Shooting.

Some New Brunswick Trap.— i.

The Greensboro Sportsmen.

Southern Quail Shooting.

Pennsylvania Association.

In Pennsylvania Covers.

The Adirondack Park.

A Budget from Bluenose Land.

Thi-ee Days in the Bad Lands.

Sea and River Fishing.

A Clrristmas Gift Rhymes. Out of his Reckoning.

Sea and River Fishing.

Schoharie Creek Salmon. A Fish Story. Angling Notes. Chicago and the "West.

The Kennel..

Dog Breeding in Russia. Pawtucket Dog Show. New A. K. C. Regulations. TonawandaDog Show. Russian Wolfhounds. Points and Flushes. Dog Chat. Kennel Notes. Answers to Correspondents.


To Chicago by Water. The Bouncer Type.


News Notes.

Rifle Range and Gallery.

The Revolver and Military Arm.

Trap Shooting.

John Watson's Esquimaux Shoot AVorkPs Fair Sportsmen's Asso- ciation. Drivers and Twisters.

Answers to Queries.

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We print to-day the first one of a series of Ave Ameri- can animal portraits by Mr. Ernest E. Thompson. These are to be given as -full page supplements, with the first issues of the months as foUows:

Jan. .5 (to-day).— The Gray Wolf.

Feb. 2.— The White (tOat.

March 2.— The Coyote.

April fi. Tlie Antelope.

May 4.— The Fox.

The dates of the former series (of which copies can be supplied) are as folic m s: Hept. 8. 1893— The Panther. Oct. 6— The Ocelot. :No \ . o— The Canada Lynx. Dec. 1— The Bay Lynx.


The position of the revolver as a military arm is a very anomalovLS one. It is in, yet jDractically out of use since there is no general provision for any practice drill with it. The rifle has secm-ed for itself a definite recognition. In the regular army the scheme for developing skill with this arm is elaborate and is working out good results. There is a systematic cultivation of the best shots from the company through the department team to the Division and Army teams. Prizes are provided, with recognition and honor for those who best master the art of marks- manship. No distinction is made between officers and men in this rivalry of skill, and the system of matches is now so well established that the whole army is rapidly becoming a company of marksmen over 25,000 strong.

All this for the riiie, and yet not a match is on the pro- gramme for the revolver. The arm is there. At West Point the cadets are given firing drill with the revolver, though much of it seems rather blank cartridge work to accustom the horses used in the cavalry driH to the sound of firearms. So with the cavalry men out on the plaurs. The revolver rests in the holster pocket, and it is fired off occasionally as drill for the horses; but scoring with the arm is not encouraged in the prize list, and brxt a meagre portion of the arm practice report is given up to a statement of the skiU readied with the smaU singiehand weapon.

In the mihtia the influence of the regular arms is seen in the neglect which has been meted out to the handy little piece. The majority of the States, though having a National Guard, do not add the revolver to the bill of arms, or where it is done, there is no preparation, either in the issue of ammunition or the issuance of a pro- gramme of matches, by which that rivalry which is the very heart and soul of marksmanship is d-eveloped to prac- tical results.

It is not even agreed among military experts just what position the revolver should occupy as a military arm. One man in gold lace will declare with emphasis that he would not have a revolver in the hand of either oflicer or enlisted man, no matter what arm of the service they may foUow, and the oflicer of equal rank and experience will assert that a revolver is worth its weight in gold and that it should be brought into service wherever practicable. To every one, save infantry private, already armed with the rifle, ttieae enthusiasts would issue the revolver and

follow up the work witli a liberal supply of practice roimds.

One of tlie strongest objections made by those who decry tlie revolver bears on this question of ammunition. There is a strong temptation to use the light charges to make pretty target diagrams at short distances, until when the time comes for effective work with the real service ammunition, the shooter finds himself handi- capped by tlie heavy charge, and the tendency of the stiffer charge to overshoot.

There is inuch that may be criticised in tlie present fashion of riiie practice in the army proper as well as in the militia force; but the arm having been issued, some sort of practice follows, and so far there is logic in the matter, but with the revolver that senseless laym;in notion that the skill to use a pistol or revolver comes with the purchase of it, and that such a thing as practice is entirely unnecessar3^ seems to run through the uniformed ranks as weU. The citizen who buys a blunderbuss, and lugs it home, may sleep sounder o' nights in consequence, even though it would put him in a tremor to suggest his puUing trigger on a charge. To find men whose profession is that of arms following out the same notion is more than absurd, it is an imposition upon those who support that army, and look to it for the highest state of eiiiciency and securitv in case of need.


A RECENT order of the New Yoi'k Police Department de- prived the men of the clubs with which they were for- merly armed, including the formidable night sticks, and substituted for them small batons which are recj^uired to be worn in a pocket and drawn only in extremity. This change of weapons, it is now rejiorted, has been followed by a, change for the better in the relations of police and public. The misavory record of brutal clubbings, so com- mon under the old order of things, has been noticeably diminished; there have been fewer affrays between police- men and citizens, and the improvement has been gained without saciificing in any degree the efficiency of the force and without any encouragement of disorder or crime. The pohceman as a man is showing himself more efificient than the policeman as a clubbing machine.

The experience is interesting and instructive because it illustrates so well a common principle governing men who have weapons put into their hands. Equip a police force with clubs, and there will always be some who will use their weapons wantonly, aggressively and brutally. With such men the mere possession and handling of a club provokes its use. So Avith drivers, to have a whip or gad means to belabor with it, and the rule holds with drivers of city drays, ox-teams in the woods, mule-teams on the plains, and the great army of buU-Avhackers the world over. The principle applies as well to the small boy with the i^ea-shooter, popping away at tlie song birds. And in certain hoys of a large growth, equipped with shot- gun or rifle, there is shown a like provocation to wanton killing. The billy, the whip, the pea-shooter, the shotgun, the rifle, each of these appears to bring out and stimulate in its possessor all the brutality there is in his nature.

This, we take it, is the genesis, and this is the explana- tion of the shooting crank who goes into the fields and blazes away at everything that flies or runs or crawls, who shoots game if there be game to shoot, but with equal avidity pots song birds, chipmunks, chip- ping sparrows and garter snakes. Armed only with a walking cane, this same individual might wander all day long through the fields with never a remote thought nor inclination to kill the little birds about him. It is the gun in his hand that put into his heart the killing.

Here, too, is the explanation of that freak one encount- ers everywhere in Florida the f eUow who shoots from the steamboat deck.

Alligators, ducks, shore birds, plume birds, all alike are prey for him, all ahke are killed in pure wantonness, and all alike are abandoned where they fall, to rot. The old books of French and Spanish adventure in Florida give verj^ full accounts of the Indians who inhabited the pen- insula, but nowhere is it recorded that they killed game for the pure satisfaction of achieving its death. This is a form of savagery that has required centuries of high civilization for its development and is exhibited ui its perfection only in these latter daj'^s, when we axe cele- brating our advancement, four hundred yeais after Columbus.

If sueh an explanation of this Florida [phenomenon is

the correct one, it follows that the only way to suppress the nuisance is to take his gun away from him. Florida game laws amoant absolutely to nothing. So long as tourists are permitted to bear arms on boats, they will keep up their fusilade. The one effective cure is to forbid the possession of guns on boa,rd. Every steamboat captain has the remedy in his own hands. Why may it not be put into effect ?


The dejiartnients of this journal are in that healthy condition where each several department editor is for- ever wrangling with all the others about space. Each one, every week, demands that fewer columns be given to Ills esteemed associates and more to himself. There is a never-ending, week's end to week's end, the year roimd, clamor by the Kennel editor for some of the space he declares to be "thrown away" on the Yacht man, and the Yacht man never tires of devising schemes, fair or foul, for appropriating some of the space over which the Trap editor stands guard with a shotgim. Every news- paper man will recognize that all this is just as it should be. It shows that the departments are ahve.

When it was rumored the other day that the Forest AND Stream was to have a new vig-nette on the front cover, Mr. Lacy, who lays claim to some artistic skill with a pencil, ingenuously and blandly volunteered to draw the head: and the task was assigned to him. When Mr. Stephens heard of this, for some reason known to him- self, he urged that he could probably provide a more ai'tistic, comprehensive and appropriate head than Mr, Lacy would be likely to achieve. Then Mr. Townsend suggested that thotigh he was not an artist himself he had some notion of what an improved Forest and Stream head should be, and he and Mr. Burnham Avould cheer- fully devote themselves to the work.

In due time the several designs were submitted. The predominating characteristic of each one was found to be an extraordinary abnegation of self by the artist, and a generous recognition of all the other departments. While no one of them has been given the coveted place on the front cover, reduced copies of all are printed to-day on other pages. They are chiefly interesting because they show so clearly the ideal Forest and Stream as pictured by some of those who help to make up the jom-nal as it is to-dav.

SNAP SHOTS. If the newly drawn title on the front cover shall prove in the printing all that is intended, news-stand purchasers will welcome the imj)rovement. Without sacrificing any of the characteristic and familiar features of the vignette, the artist has secured increased legibility, and the name stands out in bolder relief,

This first issue of the new year is also the initial num- ber of a new vohime the fortieth and a journal's attainment of its fortieth volume is equivalent to a man's attainment of his fortieth year-. We celebrate the occa- sion by providing a new and handsome outfit of type. In respect to beauty of typography, in illustrations and in text, the Forest and Stream challenges a critical and discriminating comparison with any of its weekly con- temxjoraries. We begin the year with an ambition to make these pages more than ever truly and adequately rejiresentative of the American field sportsmanship of the day a journal of sioortsmen, by sportsmen, for sportsmen.

Capt. J. W. Collins having resigned from the office of representative of the United States Fish Commission on the Government Board of Management and Control of the World's Colmnbian Exposition, President Harrison last week appointed Dr. Tarleton'H. Bean to the place. Dr. Bean is the Assistant in charge of the DiAdsion of Fish Culture of the United States Fish Commission, and is the editor of the Sea and RiA-er Fishing columns of Forest AND Stream.

Our first annual Amateur Photography Competition has been much more of a success than was anticipated for it, both in the number of competitors and the standard of work submitted. We shall not delay our announce- ment of the awards of prizes.

Dr. James A. Henshall, who is in charge of tjie Wprld's Fair angling exhibit, and reports that the display Avill be a credit to the craft, is planning an Izaak Walton memorial.


[Jan. 5, 1893.

(The ^^tartiiijiim (Taitrinf.


A GOOD bat, oi L,nnt- ilw i spoitMiu^u \ ft lu kiiou^ lint desirible tlmiL, llu |>li i-mm diKtd It) Ml n i,uint nt hitl i 1 i toward eoll■v|1lOl^I^• oiiu s iaiiul> Attev a siii-cesstul Inuit une is m to havmu' uei^leote-d lus biisiue^ whether the world knows it or not

1 d( Ml ibk thlUL, to tlx?

o\m tins 18 not the most it tinntirm cannot lie re- nt birds iA'oes a lona,' way mil inendsot its ntihtv. ■re reroncdeiL souieliou'. . and seems to care le^is Tlie areat tlimg about

will never know what the pleasure is. You probably call It a edkiu n) me \\ omen too bi\i t h( u little w (.ak ni ( - 1 _lU-~^ ^ on K-numbu tbat bttle --ix inches ol

lace Toii got trom that tra.velmg lady (you sard she -<ii ladvdike and rehned) in exchange for a large seo- o iiods anil chattels that erstwhile reposed in eU as scA-eral rolls ot old carpet brought up ir. phis imnK-rons old InKits and slioes of the l-anulv. ' \ oii talkim; about?"" hr.uKlit 11 \ tn-y strange lliat 1 didn"t : ill lace. Bnl it wasn't in ine to do it used t(i uet up o" nights to look at it 'oiddn t see anything in it. I don't

poll "\\ ds

tion ot

the dtu IS A\ ell r trom the cellar, ]. I vauous nn mbi i-, < P. G.— -'Wbal H.— ■•Well, vou (i\ er ihal. speck and I coiildii t. \ oi bv moon Light, but i

hunting cannot be expressed m a tormula ot birds, and is independent ot a good string, althouRh it goes \eiy well with it ^ our tnie' Sj iortsman knoAvs wliat it is. The rest never v^'ill This has alwavs been a favorite theory of mine, and 1 have preached it so otten to my la-mily nhax I have no doubt thev are heartily sick of it.

Of late T have been cniite successful, and has-e been given to computing the cash value ot the birds brought home, and generallv the liaJance has been on the right side as against the actual cash outlav. (3t T counted the time spent as nothmg. No sporlsman counts his tune as nn thing w hen ihtldssUh !< _ uid _iin IlKttw.iibk b dances 1 line used is i i-iuuls u,.,um(nt toi „omL, again.

[1 Usui to b( (luitc (hlhunl nulwlun lli i<l iiothiu^ to

show up I drew lariielv on the jileasiire ot hunting ^/c/- .sr. Iremenilier one |iai ticular occasion (and this is wliat I started to tell i wlien. after a desperate day s hinit. I had killed notbnig. So hir as 1 was concerned 1 duhi t care, but inv wife liked birds and I remembered that I had been so verv conUdent m. the morning. Ihis v> as not the hrst time it bad happened, either, and mv argument about buds 1)( in_ in ( h id bu ii ust d so oftni it \\ is no longc i formidable and. indeed, was generally anticipated.

Mv m(H>k and de]ected look ])roi-l;niiied the result ot mv hunt without mv announcing it, and it \\ as a ei-\ likely that the Presiding Genius of m\' liouseliold wonkl engage me in com ersation upon tlie sub]ect ot ImntiUK— trom hei standpoint, she did, and this is what it was: i

PRT5«n>iNi! (Ji'-.Nirs ••Well. I this ends it: I i don't s(M' how Villi ii-ii,it to li'o iinntiiig when vou don t j;vt. i anvtlung. Thats whaX is so tunny tome. Here vou have been tni.R .'ifter tirne and haven t brought Iionie a thing vnn know von said the last time vou came home vou'd be sonietbmg-or-othered it vou ever went again. Now here it is again tlie same tlnna. I really am ash;imed to"

HnNTPR— -'Mvdear. vou are lookim: ai this matter trom tK stnidiioinl ol a ^^ ouian \n\ s| ,i i m ui will tc 11 a ou ihit 1 bu 1 i^ ot game IS a seeondaiv consuki dion liie

pleii.sure . , .

I ( - 1 1 now jiist wh d Mill 111 ^onu to si\ lbi\( heard it so nianv times tliut I know it by lieart: -pleasure of hmi ting lu itself, -tramp all das', braciu.ti: air. renewed health— A^onng again; Uh. I know it all. It you would only get soniethiny' ouce m a while. I would be more leioULiUd mh 1 i Old L don t sit \\n\ sou i in I you know liow tond 1 am of game— I just e n.

H -'Frrim the standpoint of a wouian, you are un- doubudh (fuel I ue\u leit ao \< ii .bi.ut itin>-, as 1 do this minute; i am almost tempiea to give the thmg up right here and now"— you see birds were scarce."

P_ G._"lf they are so scarce why don't you buy some? I saw- a lovely string of quail hanging up at the market this morning and I was tempted to order some; I might liave known vou wouldn't get any. Dear me! I know they are gone now . You said you would surely get some to-da;s^." , ,

H.:_--l lIoh"! hmit h> fiUpfiK un